Friday, 17 February 2017

How to get a verified Google Adsense Account using third party

please before you move on with this tutorial read and understand about adsense <a href=""></a>

Every newbie bloggers have a dream to get Google AdSense approved as quickly as possible but most time it doesn’t get approved. Getting Google Adsense Approval is Very tough these days because Google is strengthening their verification process minute by minutes. Click Fraud and spammers are also a major thing which is the cause of disapproval of  various applications. Yes they are the major things
But here comes a legal way you can open a Google Adsense account,  this is the process in which many people out there are using, yes so many people are using it, but they won’t  reveal the secret.. I know many bloggers and webmaster will be annoyed with this legal tricks am about to exposed.. That’s why am saying a very big sorry to them all, but the chicken should be open from the cage…LOL
There are so many third party you can use to get your google adsense approved, within some days, some of them are listed below
indiyarocks and so many more

Many blogger has been using DocStoc for a little while to upload some documents they`ve created and to also get link love. 

DocStoc provides some really neat features, such as:
  • You can embed your DocStoc documents on your blogs or websites. This feature is awesome because you can zoom, scroll, rotate, drag, and more with the DocStoc widget.
  • You can upload your documents to DocStoc privately or publicly. Private uploads get a domain that you have to share; public is accessible to all.
  • 20 different categories to upload to.
Follow these steps below and you will surely get an approved Google Adsense Account
Step 1: Register for a free account at
Step 2: Docstoc will ask if you want to create a Google Adsense account or not, tick “I’d like to set up an Adsense account”. You may be able to create a Google Adsense account after signing in your docstoc account.
Note: I will advise you to open fresh Gmail account to apply for adesnse, because Google will not accept, old disapproved Gmail account
Step 3: Docstoc will send you an email to activate the account
Note fill the form properly and correct, you will also be asked that did you want docstoc to access your Google Adsense account, just click allow
Step 4: You now can upload files and share with others. If you haven’t created an Adsense account yet, you can create one in this step.
Note that the Adsense account will only count the uploaded files after the registration but not before.
Docstoc shares the revenue on basis of 50/50. Like making money from Adsense though other methods, you are not allowed to upload copyright violated documents.
For how long will the Adsense account be accepted?  
This question depends on your active upload, upload upto 10 document and you may be confirm , in the next  two to three business day
Where can I get file to upload?
This is a funny question, isn’t it? But trust me some people will surely ask.. if you are as lazy as I am about writing books , then there is a way out
at last I can see the smile on your lovely face
Go to  search for any file you will like to upload example how to marry woo a girl, 4shared will comes back with many books on that download and upload to docstoc

We can help you to get an approved google adesnse account within  5 days with just a small donation.
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